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I met Myself in Mexico

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It's been nine months and I'm still peeling back the layers of body image and deep past hurt that rose up at Body Image Bootcamp Facilitator Certification. Healthy Body Image, a healthy relationship with self and body, really is a journey and not some magical destination you reach where it's all love and happiness and "positive vibes only".

photos by Teri Hofford

Frankly, that's just unrealistic.

I've always had a difficult time feeling connected to other people, and over time I've had a difficult time feeling connected to myself. Early on, I worked really hard to figure out 'what I wanted to do with my life' and 'what I wanted to be when I grew up', and for a while I was happy with that.

Fast forward and the last several years (read: increasingly since moving to the US) and I've just felt 'off'. Not myself. I've felt more and more of myself getting caged by fear and grief and codependency and a deep well of loneliness