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Webcam Sessions are Live!

It sucked, the uncertainty and stress of Covid-19; what is certain, though, is that we were feeling (and still do in a way) a collective sense of depression, anxiety, loss of control...  confidence and self-care are took a dip (I know mine did) and I wanted to offer a way to connect, give a boost in self-esteem and to shake up the monotony of the day for a while: get out of pajamas, shower, put on something that makes you feel good, laugh your ass off at how out there the whole remote photoshoot thing is, and at how fun. 

And I loved it so much, the connecting with people from around the world, being invited (virtually) into your homes, creating art and documenting moments, and bringing a slice of joy to humans I never would have met or worked with otherwise... so I'm keeping this going. Permanently.

It's an experience uniquely its own.

I'm a body image advocate first, and photography is how I choose to share that message. When the studio closed for quarantine, I couldn't shoot sessions in my usual way.

I guess you could say it's business as UNusual. 

You make the best with what you've got, and what we've got are smartphones, laptops & the internet, and I have a mighty need to make art and keep promoting humans being Bold in their Bodies.


What's Included:

  • 30 minute webcam session

  • 10 digital images

  • full direction on posing

  • make art with Mitzie from anywhere

  • confidence boost 

  • no pressure or judgement

  • sassy/spicy photos for yourself  

  • self care & a bunch of laughs

  • documentation of this time & beyond

  • a break from monotony & stress

Because it's all new

How does this work?

After you book, I send you a confirmation of our session with Shutter App. You take me on a tour of your space so I can see the light and how it shows up with your device (laptop, tablet or phone - phone works best!). You'll prop that webcam (a phone stand, large mug, or something sturdy to lean it against is handy!) Once that's set, I direct you on where and how to pose, stretching my communication skillz.  While you're posing, I “snap shots” just like in the studio.  We'll repeat that series of "you move and adjust the camera then I direct and click a shot" through a few different areas with a bunch of different poses.  Once we're finished, I edit your images with some artistic flair and send you an email link to download your included digitals (or more) to use however you want!

(in)Frequently Asked Questions.

What to wear?

The short answer: whatever you want! Go comfy, go fancy, go nudey, whatever works for you and your space.  Try lingerie for the bedroom, a towel for the bath, whatever seems to suit the room and works for you.

To tidy or not?

Don't make "but my house is a mess!" be the new "when I lose 10lbs!".  Documenting what IS, is important. It's your space and your body and you exist in both and that is awesome. Plus, both are full of character. Great places for us to work with are: the bed, a chair, blank wall, by a window, a cool tub, your backyard, whatever works. This is Art, and so are You. 

Webcam Session:

$250 for 30 minutes

& 10 digital images

Payment in full and signed contract required to confirm your date & time.

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Optional Add-Ons



30 minutes not enough? That's ok, we can add 15 or 30 minutes more for additional outfits, locations and images.



It's tough to narrow it down to just 12 photos, so you don't have to! Add single images, or a collection of 5, 10, 25, or the full gallery of 50+ images. 



These polaroid-style 2x3 prints are perfect for display, or to have a tangible memory of your experience. You can add a handcrafted display box to store your prints.



For when you really can't decide or just want it all!  The full gallery of images, 20 mini prints in a handcrafted display box, and another webcam session booked.

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