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Phototherapy Workshop Takeaways

My heart is so full and my mind is still processing from the Spring session of Intro to Phototherapy. I get the sense it’s the same for those who took the workshop too.

This kind of thing isn’t an instant integration. Adding the new tools and different perspective to your work takes time. Like anything really.

But I wanted to take a moment and share a little of what came up at this workshop.


Not that I discovered this, but more like I remember more of what it was like to not integrate phototherapy into my work. This is not an approach you instantly abandon your existing style and way of working with clients for. It doesn’t replace what you already do.

It’s a perspective and approach that you can add to what you’re already doing.

It’s a way of engaging with clients that adds an extra layer of intention to your communication, your connection, your shooting and your final images.

You come to it in your own way.

We don’t know what we don’t know. Kind of obvious, huh?

I can guarantee you’ll learn something new and some of it will lead down the rabbit hole of examining every aspect of your work to see how it aligns with you and with clients.

We all want to be great at our craft. Any time we learn or add something new, there’s a learning curve to it. It takes practice. That also seems obvious, but you’ll find your own way of integrating this stuff. We’re all different.

Whether we know it now or later. Whether it’s accidental or we decide what that is. Everything has a purpose.

From the things we say, to how we shoot, how we edit, how we market ourselves and the clients who connect with us. Even why you’re interested in this workshop in the first place. Its got a reason. I’d love to hear what your reasons are.

Mine for creating this workshop, for sharing how I work and what I’ve learned by combining my experience and education was absolutely affirmed: sharing this approach is an important way to expand the care and acceptance clients can find in photography. The more photographers who can integrate a perspective like phototherapy, the more clients have access to ways of growing and healing.

All sorts of things take a village.


I can’t wait to share this approach with you.

Get ready to deepen your photography and hold space with clients in a new way. We'll be diving into theories, case studies, getting vulnerable and creating powerful images over two days of education, connection and creativity.

There’s been some talk about taking this on the road, and I’m happy to bring this workshop to your area. Send me a message to chat about logistics and hosting in your studio or area.


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