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The power of language in phototherapy

It seems obvious to point out that what we say to a client is important. Less obvious, but equally important, is how we say it and why we’re saying it.

As the experts guiding the session, it’s pretty standard practice to show or tell clients how to pose and move, what facial expression to make, what to do with their hands, and so on. There’s no question there: we're direct and clear with what we’re wanting for an image.

But Phototherapy invites rather than directs.

It’s the difference between: Put your fingers on your collarbone” and “I invite you to explore the line of your collarbone”. Pull down on the shirt collar" and “Where does your hand naturally fidget?“. Stretch your arms above your head“ and “I wonder what stretch would feel good“.

Invitational language puts the choice with the client. It reinforces that they have full agency in their body and makes space to intentionally explore the body connection in the way clients decide, not in a way we dictate. It also creates space for seeing what happens, how clients naturally move, what feels comfortable for them, what's unique to them.

When we invite clients during every moment of the session, we’re reminding them they are enough as they are, they are welcome and accepted, because it’s their choice.

We explore this and the importance of Language in the Intro to Phototherapy Workshop.


Get ready to deepen your photography and hold space with clients in a new way.

We'll be diving into theories, case studies, getting vulnerable and creating powerful images over two days of education, connection and creativity


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