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I wasn't always comfortable in my body and expressing mySelf in all my no fucks glory.  I can without hesitation say: I get it.  I get what it's like to grow up in a world with media telling us how we're 'supposed' to look, act, and think.  I get what it's like to look in a mirror and focus on 'flaws'.  I get what it's like to step on a scale or in a pair of jeans and see a number that brings up feelings ranging from self-doubt to full-on body-shame.  I get it. 

And I want to help you make space to let go of that programming and express your Self.

Image of Mitzie Gibson, photographer and founder of The Bold Bodies Collective in Holliston MA.

This is me, in a nutshell.

I Crave Adventure.  I backpacked Europe alone in my 20's, and I'm always up for something new.  This might seem counter to my whole organized Virgo thing, but I love to be spontaneous. Photography for me is less about the pretty picture (though those do happen) and more about the Experience of it. 


I Have a Green Thumb.  Not literally, but in that metaphorical I can grow plants without killing them thing.  I love to garden: veggies, fruit, flowers, house plants, all of it.  I grew up on a farm, so consider it my happy place. It takes attention to detail and an awareness of what that other living thing needs to grow.  We're a lot like plants. 

I am a Cat Mum. Small Humans aren't in my cards, so Nimbus and Qilin are the fuzzy little assholes of my life.  They're happy, healthy, and can't seem to be more than 3 feet away from me when I'm home. 

I love Bodies & Photography.  I can't say this enough. I love the science of anatomy and how we work (I've also been a Licensed Massage Therapist & Reiki Master for the last 20 years).  I love the shapes we can make, the confidence that comes from feeling connected to our bodies and seeing ourselves in a new way.  I love how much our forms can do for us, and I honestly see the interesting, unique beauty in every body. Most of all, I love and appreciate that you allow me to be present with you for an honest moment of connection with Self.  

                                                Let's Have an Adventure.


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My Approach


Body - Neutral

Your body is your body and holds no moral value: it's not 'good' or 'bad', it just is. You exist in the world with your body and it does some cool shit. You don't owe anyone an expectation of beauty or perfection, and that includes your own. We get curious, leave judgement at the door, and work to build a better body relationship. 


radically self


Accepting yourself in all the ups and downs, the ins and outs exactly as you are & as you change, and not giving a fuck for what others think is a radial act of acceptance and love. It's an experience you deserve to have, and one we're going to explore together. 


inclusive & diverse

You're not just one thing, one trait, one feature. Everybody deserves to be seen and respected. I want you to be represented and for others to see themselves in you. Every gender, sexuality, race, age, size, weight, shape, physical ability... are all welcome here.



You are unique and so is your session. Creativity and collaboration is a freeing experience. You're not my prop, you're a person with opinions on how you want to be seen and I want to honour that. 'We try things' is my mantra and we're going to have a fun, messy, expansive, adventurous time.

I. Get. It.

Getting in front of the camera is scary - it's a literal lens on the parts of me I shy away from.  But being photographed is an important part of building a relationship with my body that's compassionate, healthy, and accepting. 

I can't encourage and empower other humans if I don't regularly have the experience myself.  So, I do.  As often as I can. For me, the more I'm photographed, the more I want to be photographed.   

Each time, I trust myself a little more, let go of a bit more fucks, and see something new in myself through the photos that grows my body image in a new and positive way.

I want this for you, too.

love letters

“One of the things I loved about working with Mitzie is she asked both how I did and did not want to be shot; I was very blunt when I told her that I'm so sick of modeling for male gaze photography, and she really honored that... Mitzie held space so beautifully, helped me to feel safe, never forced me to look at the camera, let me have shitty posture, and worked with all that.  So grateful."

xo Sam.

"These were photos of me that were FOR me; these weren’t for posterity or proof or at someone else’s request, or to benefit a third party in any way. This was a way to shift my perspective, and to claim my chin and knees and belly button and everything else I’ve always felt awkward about because I was afraid of the judgement of other people. The woman in the photos was purely me: no makeup and no body shaping clothes, none of the things women wear to hide or adjust the things we’re told not to accept about ourselves."

xo Lauren

“I wanted to do boudoir because you're not hiding behind anything.  I was nervous before my shoot but I was able to relax and be myself! I liked that there was a wardrobe to choose from; it can be a struggle to know what to wear and that made it easier. And having Mitzie show me a pose first and adjust where needed was good too...

Do it for yourself not anyone else - you'll get such a confidence boost. And for people who aren't represented it' s that much more important to feel empowered."

xo Erika

You're ready for more information about a boudoir session and what that entails, right? 

Choose your guide here: 


Get ready for your own intimate portrait experience

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