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I want to hear from you.

You're ready for more information about an intimate portrait session, right?  Let's chat and see if I'm the photographer for you.  Fill out this form and I'll be in touch to chat about your session and answer all your questions.

If you're not sure which Experience is best for you, CLICK HERE to get the 20-Questions via email!

After you complete this form, you'll receive an email to confirm your phone consultation appointment.  This is the first step in booking your session!  We'll chat for about 15 minutes, and go over the session process from start to finish, answer any questions you may have, including pricing, and we can book your session from there. So make sure to check your email, and that spam folder so your don't miss it. 



For interviews, speaking engagements & guest appearances via zoom or in person.

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Published & Seen in:

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After Dark Artist Magazine Article: "The Importance of Being Trauma-Informed"

After Dark Artist Magazine Article: "The Modern Webcam Experience" 

After Dark Images Published: various issues 2021, 2022

Book Cover Image: "Beyond the Bright Lights" by Settle Myer 2022

Podcast Interview: Tough Love Teri episode 4.8 "The Power of Phototherapy" 2022

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