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Limited-Edition Sessions

I like to try new things, mix it up.  I also know, the monthly themes I use with Patreon are too much fun to keep them all just for my Muses and Patrons.  These limited edition sessions are quarterly and a one-time-only event.  See a theme you would love to be photographed with and participate in? Sign up because it likely won't come around again!  Benefits Club Members get first crack at booking and 10% off the session fee plus & more.  (click the images for more info specific to the event and to sign up).

  • March 2021

    Smash Some Shit (Quickie Session)

    Fuck this Pandemic. Smash the Patriarchy. Riots Before Diets.

    Whatever your flavor of frustration, let's let some of that out, hmm?

    I've booked a storage unit in Ashland MA and we're going to channel our Harley Quinn, 'I'm not your baby', anti-pandemic, destructive needs and fuck some shit up. 2 dates, limited to 4 people.

  • May 2021

    Tub Oasis (Quickie Session)


    I haven't gone anywhere in a year, and my sense of wanderlust is strong - so I created this tub oasis getaway to give a sense of escape and bring some of the sexy, sensual, self-love back that took a hiatus during 2020 & early 2021.

  • August 2021

    Bold Babe's Pool Party!

    Live that Sweet, Sweet Summer Dream.

    Swimsuit season is stressful but it doesn't need to be! Wear that bikini because why the fuck not? We're no-judgement here, and everyone else is rocking their bodies just like you. We're having CAKE and bevvys with pinkies out, tums out too. Diet culture is devastating and unhealthy, so let's not worry about that, hmm? Limited to 5 people.


    Mystery Sessions this Fall....

    I haven't decided what these will be yet, but you can bet they'll be an adventurous, body-accepting good time. XO


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Holliston MA, USA

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