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Fat Babes on Book Covers

Holy Shit. I shot a book cover.

Edie aka Settle Myer is an indy author I follow on booktok and a few weeks back she posted about really wanting to have the cover of her next book be photographed and represent the plus sized main character in the story. She (rightly so) lamented the lack of fat babes in both stories and on covers.

Well, that's right up my alley. So I commented that I would happily shoot that.

Fast forward a couple of weeks and several DMs and a phone chat later, and we had a date, and both cover models, one of which will be familiar for those who are subscribed to my Patreon.

And we went kinda viral there... SEE IT HERE.

BEYOND THE BRIGHT LIGHTS is a romance between Lana Young (40) and Mylan Andrews (25) and I am here for it. Our models Hazel and David were beyond perfect for the characters and we had so much fun shooting for both the cover and some promo.

And I was able to donate my time and the images because of that Patreon.

Every quarter, I'm able to choose a project or client to work with at no cost because Patron Memberships support my work. This quarter I chose the book cover so that a curvy babe can have an actual photo on a spicy book cover, and others can see themselves. In a photograph. Not in a cartoon or a drawing.

RELASED DATE August 19th

My name is Lana Young and I’m not okay. I’m 40 years old and still grieving the death of my fiancé, 18 years later. Tyler Taylor died of cancer and he spent his final days helping others. He was an inspiration, enough that his sister wrote a book about his life. Now that book is becoming a movie, and the actor portraying Tyler on the big screen just walked into the bar I own. He's begging me for help. "Help me become Tyler Taylor." There’s one problem: Mylan Andrews is battling his demons, and I’m worried he can’t win. My name is Mylan Andrews and I’m not okay. I’m a 25-year-old alcoholic and addict. I just got out of rehab and this movie is my last chance to save my career. Lana agrees to work with me on becoming Tyler Taylor and every day we're together, my attraction to her grows stronger. Could she be the one to help me win back control of my life? For her to consider me for her future, she must first move on from her past. *Beyond the Bright Lights will be on Kindle Unlimited & B&N paperback*

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