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Romancing Jamie

I rarely take the time to notice how the things happening in my life effect my work. But they absolutely do, whether I'm aware of them or not. I've been playing a postal-larp (live action role play Romancing Jan if you're interested) game the last couple of months and the regency-era research and letters has creeped into my mind and firmly settled into 'how can I make romance novel cover images' territory.

The studio next door to mine has a temporary new set up and by some alignment of the Boudoir Stars is completely different than my own boho-inspired space and I've been dying to try it out. My friend Jamie was so kind as to step in absolutely last minute when I was able to get in there to shoot and while it wasn't planned ahead of time, that regency romance vibe just sort of... happened. This is a completely different style of editing for me, normally I'm a much moodier and theses are very bright and airy in comparison. But changing things up is important to keep my mind and creativity flowing.

xo Mitzie


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