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Don’t stress about how glam or not you want to get here.  Light hair & makeup is enough because (as mentioned in the expectations part above) the quality of the images won't get that detailed. I would, however, avoid strong highlight and contour based on how these types of camera grab the light.  You could (like I did for mine) use this as an excuse to pamper yourself and spend time on and for you, doing hair and makeup just because you feel like it and it makes you feel good. There's no 'rules' here.


For me, the best combo of equipment we'll need is a fairly well lit (with windows) room & a newish phone.  That being said, you can also use a laptop or iPAD/tablet as well! Facetime is ideal (or zoom if you're not on an apple product); If we're using Zoom, roughly 10 minutes before your session, I'll send you an email with a link to join me then we're ready to go!

Mitzie Gibson Photography - Keira C 66.j


It’s important to have little to no expectations about the outcome of the images, because let's be real about this whole thing: they will not be the ultra high-quality sharpness of a full in-studio session, and that's part of the point!  

The images will be what they are: grainy, moody, spontaneous, and not meant for large print.  I'm going to get artistic and sometimes weird.  This is about the experience and having a document of our time with visual souvenirs!


Ultimately, wear what you want:  something silky, lacy, sexy, cozy, or nothing at all!  If you want more specific guidance, think about the location we'll be doing your webcam session. If it's your bedroom, anything from a comfy sweater and panties to complete nude will fit; if we're poolside or in the tub, then maybe a swimsuit, or a towel - or nude works there too!  Ultimately, wardrobe isn't all that important for this style of session, so choose something you are comfortable in and makes you feel good.

These Webcam Sessions are to play, collaborate and feel inspired! Together we'll create images that are spontaneous, beautiful, and a documentation of this strange and stressful time in our lives (and beyond). More than that, this unique experience is for you to feel empowered, confident, and put a put smile on your face!

Here are a few things you can do to prepare for your virtual quickie...


First, no, you don't need some fantasy dream home or to turbo-clean every part of your place. I'm not judging, believe me.  I can make anything work and as long as we have a few places you can stand/sit/lay (wall, bed, couch, floor, chair...) we are good to go!  Like my friend Teri once said “crap adds character” and it really, truly does.  This is about you and your life, in your space: it’s fun documentation.  At bare minimum, I'll need a window or a lamp nearby and we're going to make magic literally anywhere.

Mitzie Gibson Photography - TO neon kink84.jpg

Optional Add-Ons



30 minutes not enough? That's ok, we can add 15 or 30 minutes more for additional outfits, locations and images.



It's tough to narrow it down to just 12 photos, so you don't have to! Add single images, or a collection of 5, 10, 25, or the full gallery of 50+ images. 



These polaroid-style 2x3 prints are perfect for display, or to have a tangible memory of your experience. You can add a handcrafted display box to store your prints.



For when you really can't decide or just want it all!  The full gallery of images, 20 mini prints in a handcrafted display box, and another webcam session booked.

That's it!  I can't wait to virtually see you and

make something special!


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