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Data Collection | Covid-19 & Sanitation | Retouching & Editing


Your privacy is important. This notice is to explain our online information practices and the choices you can make about the way your information is collected and used. This notice applies to all information collected or submitted on the Mitzie Gibson Photography website.

The only personal information we collect is name, street and email address, and telephone number. Your credit card information may also be collected if that form of payment is used to make your purchase but, that data is only used to process your transaction is not stored in our database.

We use the personal information collected from you to facilitate taking your photographs, communicating with you regarding your photographs and other related products and services, and processing any transaction you may do with Mitzie Gibson Photography. Such personal information as we collect is not used for any other purpose and is not shared.

We never use or share the personally identifiable information provided to us online in ways unrelated to the ones described above.  To prevent unauthorized access, maintain data accuracy, and ensure the correct use of information, we have put into place appropriate physical, electronic, and managerial procedures to safeguard and secure the information we collect online.

A signed full or partial release form is used authorizing the use of your images in a manner in which you are comfortable.  This is reviewed before signing and in mandatory for use. 





(Infectious Disease Preparedness and Response Plan (IDPR))

In compliance with the State of MA, and for the safety and personal comfort of both client and photographer / associates, we have instituted the following policies & procedures in-studio and on-location. 

1. Pre-Session 

This one is fairly simple since we aren't in the same physical space. 


Clients are encouraged to bring their own wardrobe rather than use the studio wardrobe, though it is still available for use. If clients desire to wear items from the client wardrobe, they will be pre-selected and 'pulled' for the client; clients are encouraged to send 'selfies' and their sizes (bra & panty & clothing sizing) so that a selection will be waiting for their use on the day of their session. 

A 20 minute phone consultation the week prior to the scheduled session will go over these procedures, policies, and suggestions. Also discussed will be wardrobe and hair & makeup styling - where applicable - to minimize the additional time for discussion in-person the day of the session.

Clients are required to bring a mask to their session, and to disclose any recent illness or potential exposure. 


2. Day of Session / During Session 

To limit contact and increase safety as  much as possible, we're limiting the number of people and amount of time spent together in the studio, with only one client scheduled at the studio per day. 


Considerations for Hair & Make-Up: 

  • Hair and Make-Up Artist(s) will wear masks and gloves

  • Hair and Makeup - if not applied by the same person - will be applied separately

  • Client Wears mask during Eye Make-Up application, but will be removed for the rest of the make-up application

  • All make-up tools will be sterilized before and after each client

  • Disposable mascara wands will be used

  • Powder + Shadow + Lipstick will be pre-portioned out onto a separate palette before application  

Hand washing and/or touch-free sanitizing stations (where water is not available) will be easily accessible and available. 

In warmer months, with two full walls of windows, they will be opened to ensure a well-ventilated space.  In colder months, a HEPA filtration device is used to purify the air. 

Any snacks and beverages provided/offered will be individually packaged. 

Temperatures of the client, photographer, hair and makeup stylists will be taken the day of session, prior to service; where a fever exists, the session will be rescheduled for a minimum of two weeks later. 

Product samples will be displayed behind a glass cabinet and not handled by the client; any item can be taken out and demonstrated to the client by the photographer. 

Good personal hygiene and consideration for others is encouraged, including frequent hand washing, and properly covering any cough or sneeze. 

3. Between Sessions

Full cleaning and sanitation will be applied after each session, and before the next session. 

Included in this full cleaning will be: 

  • the wiping down all frequently used surfaces including door handles, door jams, desk, light switches etc. 

  • the wiping down of any additional surface the a client or our team may have touched

  • use of a UV light want over porous surfaces such as furniture, curtains, or any surface and item not easily wiped down 

  • sheets, pillow casing, and wardrobe used or touched by the client or team will be bagged up and washed on a sanitation cycle

4. Reveal Session 

Where possible, reveal and ordering sessions will be done remotely via a combination of Facetime or Zoom (or other digital platform) and an online password-protected gallery. Clients are encouraged to pre-order images and products before their session date to minimize physical proximity time at an in-person reveal session. 

In-studio product samples (example: albums) will be physically handled by the photographer. 

In the case of an in-person reveal and ordering session at the studio, the same sanitation procedures "between sessions" will also apply.  

5. On-location 

For sessions not located in studio the additional considerations will apply: 

  • outdoor or public locations must be compliant with the State of MA recommendations on crowd sizes and physical distancing

  • private residences (example: client's home) must be vacant of any additional occupants, other than the client, during the session 

  • where possible, hair and makeup application - and the session itself - should be in an outdoor area of the private residence

  • Client must ensure the private residence has been sanitized / cleaned prior to the session including: washroom, doorknobs, and surfaces in the rooms/areas used for the session 

  • all the same procedures above regarding pre-session, reveal session, and personal hygiene / temperature taking and rescheduling due to illness or direct exposure apply to on-location sessions

  • sample products and studio wardrobe items will remain in the studio and not be brought on-location. 

6. Cancellation / Illness / Known Exposure 

Clients and the team (HMUAs & photographer) are required to reschedule in the event of illness or direct exposure. In such cases there will be no cancellation fee.  A new session date will be set a minimum of two weeks from the cancellation. 

We reserve the right to cancel without refund if the Client is being non-compliant with these policies, or any other policy of common courtesy.

Covid-19 Consideations
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