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Handcrafted Products,
Personalized Art.

You are Art.

We live in a digital time, but exist in a physical world.

Print what you want to preserve & enjoy. There's something for everyone.

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What's Included?

Your session is designed with your goals and story in mind, with room for spontaneity. 

Each Bold-Bodied Intimate-Portrait session starts at $500, and includes: 

  • professional hair & makeup styling (optional)

  • two outfits plus nude

  • direction on posing, body movement & facial expression

  • approximately 90 minutes of shooting time

  • creatively edited gallery of images for your reveal

  • image reveal & ordering session (products sold separately)

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Display your Images

Digital & Print products are purchased separately

pre-order and save 15%

Boudoir is for EveryBody

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digital & print collections start at $875

Order a la carte to customize your collection, or choose from one of five intentionally-curated collections of albums, prints & digital images. 

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Let's Have an Adventure.

Try something new.

Give your Fucks to your Self.

Exist comfortably as you are.